Coming June 13, 2019

Noble Ape in the Cloud with JSON

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Tasks - May 14, 2019

  • Create HTTP server for the Simulation
  • Done - currently C source for the simulation but still it provides JSON responses for the client to parse.

  • Create Swift version of the Simulation Client for Mac
  • Roughly half of the Objective C has been converted to Swift for the Mac. All the sub-projects now have some Swift however the Mushroom Boy currently has a graphics rendering issue which is causing that implementation to be slightly delayed. The remaining projects will continue forwards maintaining the Objective-C for the Mushroom Boy.

  • Separate the Simulation Client for Mac
  • Ongoing work-in-progress.

  • node.js Server Implementation of Noble Ape
  • Not yet started.

  • Server Implementation of ApeScript
  • Not yet started. (Requested feature.)